Most Anticipated Books of 2023

This past year, I noticed that I was waiting for releases to appear in my online library rather than picking up new releases. While I do enjoy saving some money and utilizing my public library, I have found that I sometimes put off books that I really want to read and force myself to read books that I’m not in the mood for, leading to some DNFs. As a result, I want to try and buy a few new releases for my Kindle to enjoy during the 2023 year. Here are some of my picks:

  • Secretly Yours (February 27, 2023) and Unfortunately Yours (June 6, 2023) by Tessa Bailey

Secretly Yours and Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey appear to be a new set of related stories from Tessa Bailey which occur at a vineyard. This reminds me to her recent successful duo, It Happened One Summer and Hook, Line, and Sinker which followed to different sisters in the same crab fishing town. Secretly Yours appears to be a second-chance romance where the main female character drunkenly writes a love letter to her childhood crush as she revamps the garden’s at his family vineyard. Meanwhile, Unfortunately Yours follows the sister of the male interest from the first book as she marries a man who owns a vineyard to gain access to her trust fund.

Out of the two, I am most excited for the first book. From the description, it gives me “the girl falls first, but the boy falls harder” and the grumpy x sunshine trope which I really enjoy in books. The second book isn’t exactly like It Happened One Summer, but it gives me a similar feeling. That wasn’t my favorite book in the Bellinger Sister duology, but I still hope that I will enjoy it as a fun, easy book to kick off the summer.

  • Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez (April 11, 2023)

I read Part of Your World, my second book by Abby Jimenez, in 2023 and it enjoyed it as much as the first book that I read by her. As a result, I definitely plan on reading her 2023 release, Yours Truly. Her next book is about a doctor who ends up exchanging another doctor who she initially did not like. Yours Truly follows a side character from Part of Your World.

I really like how much depth Abby Jimenez gives her character, so I’m hoping to the same depth in Yours Truly. Also, I’m excited that I may see the characters that I loved from Part of Your World again in this book.

  • Happy Place by Emily Henry (April 25, 2023)

I wasn’t a huge fan of Beach Red, but I really loved The People We Meet on Vacation and Book Lovers. As a result, Emily Henry is an auto-buy author for me. That being said, I am excited, but also slightly nervous about Happy Place as it appears to contain tropes that I typically do not enjoy. Happy Place is about a couple that broke up awhile go, but they never told their friend group. now, on their annual summer trip with friends, they have to pretend like they are a couple.

Usually, I like the fake dating trope, but I don’t know how much I will like it when it is a couple that has already broken up. I feel like there will probably be flashbacks in this book because the main characters have so much history and I prefer to see a relationship develop throughout a book rather than seeing pivotal moments be told in flashbacks. This book also takes place across a week, so I’m afraid that the story could be a little rushed. However, I am a huge fan of Emily Henry’s writing style and I really love the depth that she gives to her characters, so she will definitely have a lot to pull from when the main characters are a couple with a lot of history.

  • Love, Theoretically (June 13, 2023) and Check & Mate (November 2023) by Ali Hazelwood

Love on the Brain was the perfect fun and easy read for me. As a result, I am excited to check of Ali Hazelwood’s next books. Love, Theoretically is about rival physicists, one of which is a professional fake dater. So far, there hasn’t been a synopsis released for Check & Mate.

Many of Hazelwood’s books are very similar, so I’m going into this book with an expectation of the miscommunication trope paired with a rival scientist who has always been secretly in love with the main female character. That being said, I’m hoping Love, Theoretically can be a fun book that I read by the pool over my summer vacation.

  • Any announcement for Sarah J. Maas (TBR)

After the last Crescent City book ended on a major cliff hanger with unlimited possibilities in the next book, I’ve been eagerly waiting for an announcement on anything in the worlds of Sarah J. Maas. However, there hasn’t been any buzz since the announcement of the updated Throne of Glass covers. I believe the third Crescent City is slated for the next release, so I’m crossing my fingers that we will hear an update soon, even if it isn’t a 2023 release!

Final Thoughts:

In my most anticipated books, I notice several trends. All of my anticipated reads are from previously read authors. Many of the books contain female protagonists employed in medical or science related fields. The majority of the books fall into the contemporary romance category. While all of the books are from authors that I enjoy, some contain tropes/scenarios that I do not typically enjoy. Regardless, I cannot wait until I start my 2023 reading journey!

What are your most anticipated books of 2023?


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