The Brittany Awards 2022: Favorite Books of 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Brittany Awards! The Brittany Awards are my end-of-year awards where I talk about my favorite (and sometimes least favorite!) books of the year as well as other bookish topics. The 2022 awards will use the following categories: favorite book covers, least favorite books, favorite books, and my favorite book reviews that I wrote during this year.

This week, I will be discussing some of my leas favorite books of the year. These books were not necessarily published in 2022, but they are from books that I read during the 2022 year. To see my other Brittany Awards posts this year, click the links below.

Now onto my favorite books of the year, in no particular order (any book with a review will be linked to the book’s title):

A Very Merry Bromance was an unexpected five star read for me. Overall, the Bromance Book Club series was average to me with a couple of misses. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the latest installment in the series. Gretchen and Colton are probably my favorite couple from the series. Their interactions were fun to read. Their backstories and interactions with their families made their actions made them realistic and believable characters. I found myself rooting for them as a couple throughout the novel and they fit so well together that I believed that they could last long after their story ended on the page.This was the perfect book to read around Christmas.

I started the Throne of Glass series a few years ago, but I didn’t finish the series until this year. One of my big motivating factors was that I heard there may be potential crossovers of all the characters in series by Maas, so I wanted to make sure I read all of her books before her next release, which is yet to be announced. I’m really glad that I decided to finish this series because the arcs of the characters are some of my favorite from recent books that I’ve read. I read from the second book on pretty much back-to-back because I had to see how the series played out. I haven’t stayed up late because I just had to read the next chapter in a long time, but I did this on multiple occasions with this series.

I had read Emily Henry’s two other books prior to this. I really liked The People We Meet on vacation, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Beach Read. As a result, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Book Lovers. Needless to say, I absolutely loved Book Lovers and I knew it would end up on my favorites list after only reading the first chapter. Nora and Charlie suited each other so well and I love when I can imagine a relationship lasting long after the story ends.

I was not a huge fan of The Love Hypothesis, which was Ali Hazelwood’s first full length novel, so I was apprehensive to read her next novel because I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. Prior to reading this book, I also read her novellas which were only average for me. Love on the Brain wasn’t technically the perfect book, but it was perfect for me at the time I read it. I was in the middle of a huge reading slump and Love on the Brain was the perfect fun, contemporary read. I really enjoyed reading this book!

The first Crescent City book was an unexpected favorite for me. I had put off reading the first book in the series because even though I typically enjoy Sarah J. Maas books, the plot did not sound like something that I would enjoy and I was worried about the setting, which is very different from her other works. My favorite part about the first book in this series is how everything wraps up at the end. There were many full circle moments which made the long book worth it in the end. That being said, I was slightly disappointed by the second book in this series, which is why it did not end up on my favorites list.

What were some of your favorite books in 2022?


4 thoughts on “The Brittany Awards 2022: Favorite Books of 2022

  1. […] Recently, I discussed my most read authors of the year on my blog. While I knew I read a lot of Sarah J. Maas this year, I didn’t quite realize how much I read by Sarah J. Maas this year. In 2022, I read all of the books in the Throne of Glass series (except for book one), both Crescent City books, and I reread some books in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. That being said, I am still shocked that I read double the number of books compared to the second author on my list. One of the authors on this list that really surprises me is Ali Hazelwood. I wasn’t a huge fan of her debut book, The Love Hypothesis, but I wanted to see if I enjoyed her other books. I would say my favorite by Ali Hazelwood this year was Love on the Brain, her second full-length novels, which appears on my favorites list of 2022. […]


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