Book Lovers by Emily Henry

When it comes to this book, I am a book lover.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry follows ruthless literary agent Nora Stephens when she agrees to spend time in a small North Carolina town with her sister. During her trip, Nora runs into Charlie Lastra, a book editor whom she despises from New York City. However, as Nora and Charlie continue to cross paths, they begin to question their initial dislike of each other. Book Lovers is Emily Henry’s third book and recently won the Goodreads’ Choice Award for Romance 2022.

My experiences with Emily Henry’s book have been mostly positive. Overall, she has a solid writing style, perfect length, excellent pasting. That being said, I do think her books can be divided into two different sets. Beach Read, her first book, has a much different vibe than her second book, The People We Meet on Vacation. Beach Read has some darker themes. The book itself questions the difference between women’s fiction and romance, so it doesn’t truly fit into either of those genres. The People We Meet on Vacation is a much lighter read which is firmly in the romance genre.

As a result, I have seen readers split over Emily Henry’s most recent release. Book Lovers has a more similar feel To The People We Meet on Vacation as it fits more firmly in the romance genre. As someone who preferred The People We Meet on Vacation to Beach Read, I really enjoyed Book Lovers. However, if you are looking for a story more similar to Beach Read, or if you didn’t enjoy The People We Meet on Vacation, then Book Lovers may not be your favorite by this author.

One aspect of Book Lovers that I really enjoyed was the main character, Nora. I knew Book Lovers was going to be one of my favorite characters just by the first chapter. Nora’s voice comes through clearly in the first chapter of the book. Usually, a first chapter talking about who a character is rather than dropping the reader into the middle of the action can be boring. However, I found this not to be the case with Nora. The first chapter gave me a good sense of who Nora is, and how this will impact her potential romance later on, which made me invested in her story.

Another aspect of this book that I enjoyed was the romance. Out of the love interests that I’ve read in books by Emily Henry, Charlie would have to be my favorite. I loved the banter that occurred between Nora and Charlie throughout the novel. I enjoyed seeing how their personalities complimented each other. Also, I liked how the ending in the book brought a full circle moment for Nora to make the novel feel complete. When I was reading this book, I kept thinking about how well Nora and Charlie suited each other. In a romance book, I like to see how the love interests’ actions challenge each other’s ideas about love and prove them wrong. These aspects of the book made me feel like Nora and Charlie would last long off the page, so I was invested in their relationship and its success.

Overall, Book Lovers was a well-paced book with strong writing, interesting characters, and a fun romance. Book Lovers contains a lot of depth, so you become attached to the characters and their relationship. As a result, Book Lovers is in my top five favorite books of 2022. I give it five out of five stars.


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