Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez Review

I wish I could be part of this book’s world!

Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez follows doctor Alexis Montgomery when she travels to a small town after leaving her abusive ex. There, she meets carpenter Daniel Grant who also runs a small bed and breakfast in town. While Alexis grows closer to Daniel, she also suffers enormous pressure from her parents, who want her to follow in their famous surgeon footsteps and reunite with her ex.

Part of Your World is Abby Jimenez’s first book outside of The Friend Zone companion series. I have only read one book in that series, Life’s Too Short, which is a third and final book. In Life’s Too Short, I enjoyed the depth that Jimenez gave her characters and found myself invested in their relationship. That being said, I did find the book to drag in some places throughout the story. Similar to Life’s Too Short, I enjoyed the main two love interests in the novel. Unlike Life’s Too Short, I did not have issues with pacing.

Typically, I am not a huge from of the “from two different worlds” trope. I find often in this trope that one of the love interests must compromise more than the other.. Additionally, there may be other factors which lead to a power imbalance between the couple, such as wealth. While the characters were from “different worlds,” I found them to be evenly balanced. At the end of the story, each characters ends up where they want and need to be. Additionally, both love interests help the other love interest to grow. While Alexis comes from a wealthy family, she lacks skills to be independent and fully separate from her ex. On the other hand, Daniel is self-sufficient and thoughtful, but doesn’t realize his full potential. Alexis helps Daniel with his business and Daniel helps Alexis develop more practical skills. As a result, Alexis and Daniel work as a couple, even though they are from “different words.”

Another aspect of this book that I enjoyed was the realistic story. Sometimes, I find the obstacles that stop a couple in a book to be unrealistic or just thrown in to cause drama. However, all of the obstacles which Alexis and Daniel face are reasonable for their storyline and characters. Recently, I have enjoyed romances where every scene builds on the previous scene and the interactions between the main characters challenge the other’s idea of love as opposed to a collection of cute scenes or situations where the main characters interact. All of the scenes between Alexis and Daniel were cute, but also purposeful, which kept me invested in the book and helped the book move at a good pace.

Overall, Part of Your World was an enjoyable read for me. Since I have read two books by Abby Jimenez that I have loved, I definitely look forward to her next release in 2023, which is a companion novel to this book. I give Part of Your World five out of five stars.


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