Books on my Library TBR

Recently, I have found myself requesting more and more books on the virtual branch on my library. Here are a few of my most recent requests:

  • Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle

In 2021, I read Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle and enjoyed it. I was interesting in reading more books by her and I was excited to see that she was releasing a Christmas book this year. As a result, I suggested this book to my virtual library. In the beginning of December, I was placed on the waitlist for this book and just a few days ago I got the notification that it was my turn to check it out!

That being said, I am a little nervous for this read based on the synopsis. Just Like Magic follows Bettie Hughes, a former rich girl who accidentally encounters Hall, a Christmas spirit, after she plays a Christmas song. However, the happier she becomes with Hall, the quicker he will leave. Based on the summary, I think this book could be really cute or it could lean too gimmicky.

  • Ship Wrecked by Olivia Dade

I have read both of the previous books in the Spoiler Alert contemporary romance series. Overall, this series has just been average for me. However, since I have read the two previous book and I noticed the third book in my virtual library, I decided to request a hold for this book. From the description, Ship Wrecked seems to be a second-chance romance for two actors who previously had a fling, but are now forced to work together on a new project. While I am interested in rounding out the series, I hope this book doesn’t become a DNF for me in 2023 just because I am not super invested in the series.

  • The American Roommate Experience by Elena Armas

This book isn’t technically available on my library, but I have suggested it in hopes that it will appear in the library. However, if it doesn’t, I may end up purchasing it for my Kindle. The Spanish Love Experiment wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’m always interested in reading other books by an author, even if I didn’t like the first book that I read by them. The American Roommate Experiment follows Rosie, who quits her job to pursue her career as an author. Rosie stays at a friend’s place which she must share with her friend’s cousin.

What books are on your library TBR?


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