Reading Journal 2023: February Main Page Set-Up

This year, I decided to create a reading journal in order to be a little more creative with how I track my reading progress throughout the year. Every month, I like to create a main page where I can track some of the books I wanted to read, some data on the books I am reading, and other important information (such as library due dates) for the month.

Below, I have a TikTok that I made which shows my February main page set-up:

There are several parts which I included on my main page for February.


For my TBR, I always include the books which I list on my blog’s monthly TBR. This month, Lore Olympus: Volume Two, The True Love Experiment, and Secretly Yours are on my TBR. Since it’s February, I wanted to pick some romance books which would be perfect to read around Valentine’s Day. I have already read the second volume of Lore Olympus and I’m currently reading Secretly Yours!

Reading Calendar Tracker

I included a reading calendar tracker on my January spread. I really liked seeing my pattern of reading. However, this month, I wanted to create more contrast between the different amounts of pages. Last month, the colors were very similar and it was hard to tell if I chose the correct color when filling in the calendar. I liked how using so many different shades of red helped me pull in different shades of red throughout the page.

Print/Digital Tracker

Typically, I read most or all of my books digitally during the year. However, this year, I have been making a point to visit my in-person library more often. As a result, I have been reading more physical copies of books. Last month, I had a tie between physical and digital copies of books. I can’t wait to see how this month ends up!

Library Due Dates

While this doesn’t include all of the books I’ve checked out from the library, I typically pick books for this list based on my first library trip of the month, or any books leftover from the previous month.

New Releases

The last part of this monthly spread is the new releases section. This section was hard for me to plan out and I redid it many times. I do like how the end result looks like a ring!


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