Reading Goals for 2023

This year, I want to put some reading goals in place for myself besides my typical number of books that I want to read in a year. Next year, I lan to reflect on these goals to see if I met them. Here are my top five reading goals for 2023:

  • Goal #1: Read 36 books.

This past year, I set my reading goals as 24 books, which averages to two books per month. This year, I exceeded my reading goals by over 10 books. I have been debating back and forth whether or not to increase my reading goal, as I do not want to put pressure on myself to read if I get extremely busy. However, since I do consistently read more than 24 books per year, I am going to increase my goal to 36 books per year, which averages to three books per month. While I read less frequently during the school year, I read a lot in the summer, so I do believe this goal will be achievable for me.

  • Goal #2: Read at least one non-fiction book.

Looking at my reading stats for 2023, I read 100% fiction books. When I read for fun, I clearly gravitate towards fiction books. However, I would like to challenge myself by reading at least one book in the non-fiction category. I am not too familiar with new releases in this category, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below!

  • Goal #3: Read at least three books from my backlist.

On my Kindle, I have a lot of books that I purchased through Kindle Daily Deals which I haven’t read. As a result, I want to start to decrease this list book by reading books that I previously purchased. My one concern with this goal is that I did purchase a lot of middle grade or YA books as deals and I don’t typically gravitate towards books in this age range anymore. That being said, I want to focus on monthly TBRs again in 2023, so I’m hoping to sprinkle some of these books in throughout the year.

  • Goal #4: Read at least three graphic novels.

I really do enjoy graphic novels, but I haven’t picked up any recently. Typically, I pick up graphic novels through my local library (which is related to my last goal!), so I definitely will be checking the online and in-person library for any graphic novels which seem interesting to me. I also have picked up two of the Lore Olympus graphic novels, which I would really like to read. I have read the online version when it was released on WebToon, but I would like to read it in the actual book format too.

  • Goal #5: Visit my local library in-person.

Typically, I pick up books through my library’s online system. However, I do want to start picking up more physical copies of books from the library this year. Like I mentioned in my previous goal, I tend to pick up more graphic novels in-person at the library, so my previous goal can help motivate me to complete this goal.

What are your reading goals for 2023?