Teen Tuesday: Rebel Belle Review

rebel belle

A girl should be two things: classy and a kick-butt Paladin.

In Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, all Harper Price wants to be in Homecoming Queen. Her world is turned upside down, however, after a crazy night at the dance leaves her with incredible powers. Harper finds out she’s a Paladin, an ancient guardian, destined to protect the Oracle… who just so happens to be her sworn enemy.

I read Rebel Belle after a series of disappointing books that I really didn’t enjoy reading.¬†Rebel Belle is not the best book I’ve ever read, but if you looking for a read that is lighthearted and fun, then this book is perfect for you! However, if you are expecting a serious supernatural type book, Rebel Belle probably won’t live up to your expectations. When describing this book to my sister, I compared it to Avalon High by Meg Cabot. While it includes legends and supernatural elements, it is more geared for contemporary readers looking for something with a twist.

That being said, many of the characters and relationships are pretty typical of a contemporary novel. Harper Price is your typical Homecoming queen, however, she experiences a lot of growth after she becomes a Paladin. She frequently bickers with David Stark, her slightly dorky bitter rival. Even though this is similar to many other YA novels, I appreciated how their relationship progressed slowly and how their situation as Oracle/Paladin affects their relationship.

The main reason I couldn’t put this book down was the prophecy and the inevitable ill-fated Cotillion night. I thought the background of the whole prophecy was embedded into the story without being boring and the action scenes were well-placed. I also enjoyed how little details, like the lemonade, reappeared at the end.

Even though Rebel Belle wasn’t the most ground shaking book that I’ve ever read, it was extremely fun and enjoyable to read. I rate Rebel Belle as four out of five stars.