The Bachelor Book Tag


Day 3 of Blogentine’s Day.

It’s Bachelor season! Girls everywhere are making their brackets and are waiting to see who Ben chooses. What if books were bachelor contestants? I decided to create The Bachelor Book Tag to see which of my favorite books would get the final rose. Here are my answers:

The “Perfect” Girl: A book with a Mary Sue character



Samantha always came off to me as too perfect–she was the good girl who looked perfect, got the perfect boyfriend, and everything worked out perfectly for her.

The Single Mom: A stand-alone book that you love

Road trip + cute story = perfect summer read.

The Hippie: A book with a character who has a unique perspective  

This story follows Beekle, an imaginary friend, as he waits to be imagined by his child. It’s a cute story and creative idea!

The Girl who is always Drunk: A book that you can’t remember the plot

I was looking through my read books on Goodreads and I came across this book. I can’t remember the plot or name one of the characters.

The Villain: Your favorite villain

She isn’t my favorite villain, but Coin is pretty terrible. Coin distracts Katniss and Snow to carry out her master plan and even wants to reinstate the Hunger Games. She’s willing to take out any one who gets in her way (you know what I’m talking about). She’s terrible because she makes people that she’s good, but she’s just a bad as the people she’s trying to oust.

The Funny Girl: A book that made you laugh out loud

Janette Rallison books always make me laugh out loud. Even when I reread them now, I find myself laughing just as hard at the same jokes.

The Girl who Always Cries: A book that made you cry

I haven’t actually ever cried while reading this book, but I get very very close to crying while reading this book.

The Final Rose: A book that you were excited about, but didn’t end up loving

I remember really liking this book when I started reading it, but started to lose interest when I knew where the plot was going and wasn’t surprised by story’s twists and turns.

Which character would you go on the Bachelor for?


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