Geekerella Review


Geekerella by Ashley Poston is a dream come true Cinderella retelling for any fan girl.

Geekerella follows Starfield super fan Elle Wittimer as her favorite television show moves to the big screen. Much to Elle’s dismay, pretty boy Darien Freeman is cast as the main character in the film. Despite Elle’s grievances, she is determined to win the Cosplay context at a convention and score tickets to the movie’s premiere. After texting a wrong number, Elle and Darien bond over their love for Starfield without knowing each other’s identities.

From A Cinderella Story to Cinder, I’m a huge fan of Cinderella stories. For example, I played A Cinderella Story so many times that it broke and I needed to buy a new one. I heard a lot of hype around Geekerella, so I went into reading this book with high expectations. Geekerella definitely provided a unique twist on the classic Cinderella story and exceeded all of my expectations.

One of my favorite aspects of this novel was that the author gave both the perspectives of Elle and the Prince Charming character, Darien. Unlike in some novels with two perspectives, the author did a great job differentiating their voices so it was clear who was narrating the story at all times. Additionally, the author gave the “prince charming,” typically a flat and flawless character, more depth and personality. As a result, the relationship between Elle and Darien was more realistic and believable.


I also appreciated how the author handled the culture of fandoms within this novel. Sometimes, novels focusing on die-hard fans feature unhealthy obsessions and or characters who take ownership over the content or people involved. I think Geekerella does neither of these things. At first, Elle is disappointed and angry that her favorite series chooses a teenage heartthrob to lead the cast and immediately dismisses him as a fake fan on her blog. However, as her relationship with Darien grows, she learns that not every Starfield fan is the same and expresses her opinion without immediately dismissing others. Additionally, Elle uses the Starfield show to bond with her co-worker and one of her “evil” stepsisters like she initially used the show to bond with her father. Overall, I think Elle’s relationship with Starfield really emphasizes the true purpose of fandoms–to share what you love with others.

Geekerella is the perfect read if your looking for a cute romance with a lot of heart. In a sea of Cinderella retellings, Geekerella stands out for its modern twist, two perspectives, and healthy portrayal of a fandom. I give Geekerella five out of five stars.


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