Goodreads Challenge 2019


In 2017, I set my reading goal as 75 books. I ended reading a little bit over 100 books. However, I knew that last year in 2018 that I may not have as much time for books due to my schedule. As a result, I set my goal at 50 books. I’m happy to say that I was able to finish slightly above this goal at 69 books. Going in 2019, I expect a similar reading year to last year. Therefore, I will be setting my Goodreads reading goal once again at 50 books.

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During the last few days of 2019, I started three books, but I only got a little bit into each one. I’m hoping to finish these books towards the beginning of January to start my reading goal off strong and to finish a few other books before the month finishes.

Looking ahead in 2019, there are so many new releases and some old releases that I haven’t caught up on that I have high hopes that I will be able to reach my goal.


What is your Goodreads goal? What other yearly bookish challenges do you complete or recommend?

3 thoughts on “Goodreads Challenge 2019

  1. Congratulations on your reading goals! I get the most satisfaction over completing dream literary lists, though last year was a bit of a struggle. I have the biggest TBR for 2019 but am hesitant to set any goal as I want to spend the year with writing as a priority…. it’s like choosing between ice cream and cake – they both give me that ooh ah ah sensation, but having both is too much. I might just dive in and see what works out in the wash. Have fun on your reading journey this year, look forward to your reviews.

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    • I’m trying to make writing a priority this year as well! I find it difficult to choose between spending time reading and writing too. Hope you have a good reading/writing journey this year!

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  2. Wow, I’m shocked by how much people can read 😛 I hope you reach your goal. I think my goal is 26 so a little smaller, but it’s about all I can manage!! 🙂 🙂 😛


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