Royce Rolls Book Review


I’m not rolling with the Royces on this one.

Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl follows Bentley Royce, a sixteen-year-old girl famous for her family’s Kardashian-esque reality show on television. Bentley, however, is sick of the spotlight and the bad girl image that the show created for her. Instead, Bentley wants to go to college. Therefore, the show needs to tank… however, that might be the only thing holding her family together. Despite her own wishes, Bentley tries to save the show and faces disastrous results.

I heard nothing but positive reviews for this book before picking it up at my library. I expected a funny book that poked fun at reality television, however, this book failed to meet my expectations. While I really liked some aspects of this book, a lot of it fell flat for me. As a result, I struggled to push through it and did really enjoy it.

I have mixed feelings about how this book is set up. I liked how the whole book is kind of like a recap to the reality show happening on the screen. Despite the annoying footnotes at the bottom of the page, I really enjoyed that it felt like I was actually watching a reality television show. At the same time, it made it difficult to know the characters on a personal level. Even at the end of the novel, I still felt like I didn’t truly know the main character’s personality and I still saw the other characters as their persona on screen. Maybe this is what the author was going for, but I needed a greater connection to the characters in this book to be more invested in their stories.

Another issue I had with this book was the pacing. The beginning of book moves very, very slow. Usually, it takes me about 2-3 days to read books the size of Royce Rolls. However, it took me about a week to finish this one and most of those days were spent on the first half of the book. Nothing much happens in the first part of the book besides the general premise of the book outlined in the book’s summary. When the action finally picked up at the end, I found myself just reading to find out what happened, not because I actually enjoyed what I was reading.

Overall, I was disappointed with Royce Rolls after seeing all of its hype online. I’ve read other books with the same idea that I enjoyed a lot more. I give Royce Rolls two out of five stars.



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