Life Just Got Real Review


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Life Just Got Real by Duck Dynasty start Sadie Robinson follows two girls with opposite personalities as they film for a new reality show set in Nashville. Kate Kelly is the popular class president and cheerleader with a huge Type A personality. On the other hand, A.J. Stewart is a laid-back Christian girl from the backwoods of Tennessee. When A.J. starts dating Kate’s brother, tensions rise and the reality show wants to capitalize on a feud between Kate and A.J.

After reading Life Just Got Real, I feel like there’s a bit of a disconnect between the blurb and the actual story. When I read the description in the book, it seemed like the reality show, feud between the main characters, and the main characters bonding over Christianity would be a large focus of the book. While there were some aspects of this book that I enjoyed, I didn’t really get what I expected which made some areas of the book fall flat for me.

I really appreciated seeing the differences between Kate and A.J. They seem to be manifestations of different sides to Sadie Robertson’s personality. On one hand, Sadie Robertson is a girly girl with a line of Sherri Hill prom dresses. On the other hand, A.J. represents more of her Duck Dynasty persona. As a result, I think the characters were easily to tell apart and all of their actions throughout the novel stayed true to their characters.

That being said, I never saw a major feud between the main characters. Yes, they acted mildly annoyed with each other, but they never went out of their way to be mean or embarrass each other as I expected from the book’s description. I actually noticed they stood up for each other a lot throughout the novel or tried to see things from the other’s point of view. Since I assumed this would be a major area of drama in the book, I was unimpressed by how it actually unfolded in the story.

Another aspect of this book that I enjoyed was the writing style. As noted on the front cover, Sadie Robertson did not write this book herself. I think some of Sadie’s ideas paired with the organization and style of another author really made this book flow easier and follow an organized format that I don’t always see in other celebrity books. Even though some parts were more interesting than others, it overall had solid writing.

That being said, I feel like the ending was a little bit rushed. It seemed like one part of the climax which occurred at the school dance was a little out of nowhere and didn’t really have nay impact on the plot or any of the characters. Additionally, I felt like the whole ending of the reality show also happened too quickly and was resolved unrealistically. As a result, I wasn’t completely satisfied by the ending.

Overall, Life Just Got Real is a cute, but predictable contemporary read. This book is perfect for around prom time since one of the main character’s in planning her school’s prom. I give this book three out of four stars.


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