A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams Book Review

I’m feeling very merry towards the newest Bromance Book Club book.

A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams is the fifth installment of The Bromance Book Club companion series. The latest edition follows country singer Colton Wheeler, who can’t stop thinking about the girl who rejected him after a wedding. Gretchen Winthrop, a lawyer and daughter to a profitable whiskey business, darted after her encounter with Colton Wheeler, However, she is forced to gain his approval to be a spokesperson for her family brand in order to secure her seat on the company’s donation board.

While this book has been on my TBR for awhile, I have to admit that I was hesitant to read it. My experiences reading the Bromance Book Club series is up and down. For me, most of the books were average with a couple of big misses. I particularly struggled with the book before this in the series as I had to check it out multiple times from the library before I finished it.

As a result, I suggested A Very Merry Bromance for my library. However, December rolled around and it was not available. Since this is a seasonal book, I knew that I wasn’t likely to pick this up once January rolled around. Instead, I decided to purchase the book for my Kindle. I’m glad that I decided to purchase this book because A Very Merry Bromance ended up being my favorite book in the series.

One aspect of the Bromance Book Club series which usually falls flat for me is the humor. The characters are often caricatures. The jokes are forced. There are ridiculous plots or repeated lines which are supposed to be funny, but miss the mark. I enjoyed the humor much more in this installment. Gretchen, the female protagonist, has a very sarcastic sense of humor. The banter between Colton and Gretchen was fun. There were some aspects that felt more forced in humor, like with Vlad and the Santa suit, but these moments were fewer than previous installments.

Another aspect of this book that I appreciated was the writing. I found the writing in this book to be stronger overall than some of the other books in the series. Every scene seemed purposeful and moved the story along. The situation in the book challenged the main characters and their pasts. The character arcs seemed more tightly written which made the story carry on quicker. In the past, I found other books to drag on, but a Very Merry Bromance was the perfect romance to read around Christmas.

However, the best part of A Very Merry Bromance to me were the two main characters, Gretchen and Colton. Overall, I found their characters to be well developed. Adams showed through interactions with family members and information on their backstories of why each character acted the way that they did. It made it believable why Gretchen and Colon were interested in each other and made me root for their relationship. I also liked how Gretchen and Colton fit the “grump-sunshine” trope, but in this case the female character was the “grumpy” character. Often, I find this is the other way around, so it was nice to see a switch-up in my reading.

Overall, A Very Merry Bromance is a fun Christmas read. I think this book will satisfy fans of the series, but also readers unfamiliar with the series. I give A Very Merry Bromance five out of five stars.


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